Guidelines for approval of training centers



One of the tasks of the EBPS is to establish a standard for the training of paediatric surgeons in Europe. In order to assure the quality of training, certain criteria shall be laid down concerning the institutions which train paediatric surgeons.


A training centre for paediatric surgery may apply for recognition by the EBPS. The chief of the training centre shall take the initiative for the recognition procedure. He or she declares the willingness to cooperate with the EBPS, to submit the information requested and to agree to site visits.


1. For each training centre there shall be at least two trained paediatric surgeons.

2. The training centre shall be based in a university hospital or be associated to a university.

3. Since it is not expected that every centre will cover all aspects of paediatric surgery, rotation between training centres will be necessary in order to offer exposure to the whole field of surgery in children.

4. There must be up to date facilities for :

paediatrics and  sub specialities

paediatric anaesthesia

child psychiatry

paediatric imaging

laboratory services

5. There must be:

a regular discussion of indications for operation

a weekly programme of teaching

regular discussions of morbidity and mortality and attendance at autopsies

ready access to an adequate library with international journals and recent books

facilities for clinical and experimental research

6. The programme of training must give graded and progressive responsibility to the trainee under the supervision of the responsible paediatric surgeons and must be recorded in a detailed log book as approved by the EBPS.